Application Programming

Digital Marketer provides a wide range of services relating to application programming. We follow a proven TIC-TAC-TOE approach to ensure higher chance of success for IT implementation projects.

Web-based applications will be built on a service platform – CHAMELEON that provides common features that help to shorten our development time and increase customizability.

CHAMELEON is modeled using modified version of UML and is compliant to N-Tiered Architecture. CHAMELEON forces programmers to follow a certain standards and coding techniques that in turn increase the maintainability of any applications.

  • Requirement Engineering
  • Implementation
  • Design and Analysis
  • Maintenance
  • Development

Digital Marketer uses technology to resolve problems/obstacles in your business with a personal touch. Our in-house consultant who is equipped with a sound 7-years track record will speak to you personally to understand your business process/applications and offer valuable advice. He has proven himself to provide end to end consulting and implementation services. This means that you only need to talk to one person from the beginning to the end when the system is in place.

Our technology will definitely improve your IT infrastructure. The increased efficiency and effectiveness of a well-planned business process/application will definitely help the growth of any company from any industry. Your business development model will be carried out at ease once the process/applications are in place.

Let us be your IT solution partner who will assist you in upgrading your application as your business grows.

No client is too small or too big, at Digital Marketer, we take your business seriously, like ours.

To talk to us to solve your business problems, send us your contact now.

Consultant Resume and Client References will be furnished on demand.

Digital Marketer and its consultant have undertaken more than 40 IT projects with recurring clients in the following areas:

  • Content Management and E-Commerce
  • Education and Training
  • Resource & Performance Tracking
  • Interactive Web Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Accounting

Our programming services include:

EC-Pro handles service-like products that require a “delivery” arrangement (such as booking). EC-Pro is ideal if you already have some Web pages and need just a cart to take orders. Experienced developers can take the advantage of the ASP interfaces exposed by the program and customize them any way you want. According to statistics, E-Commerce transactions will soar to over 220 billion dollars in 2005.

  • Prototype Development
  • Full Turnkey Applications Systems
  • ASP, ASP.NET Programming Services
  • Complete User Documentation
  • Ongoing Support / Maintenance Services
  • E-commerce and Shopping Cart
  • Pilot Application Studies
  • PHP / MySQL Programming Services
  • 1VB Script, VB.NET Programming Services
  • Complete Programmer Documentation
  • Consultation Services
  • Content Management System