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Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click - PPC Advertising

Search Engine Marketing, or also known as SEM, Search MarketingPay Per Click or PPC Advertising is
a form of Internet Marketing that requires advertisers to pay a fee every time a search engine user clicks the ad
placed in a search engine results page.


While PPC advertising provides better control and predictability in the short term, continual SEO on the other hand will lead you to longer term search engine success.

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Search Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Comparison
Search Results Page Listing Type Advertising / Sponsored Ads Natural / Organic result of a search engine
Listing Cost Paid
Pay US$0.04 to US$15 per click
Traffic Results Immediate Traffic Results
Properly managed PPC advertising provides immediate traffic results
Several Months
Requires time, usually months to climb the search ranking
Rank Positioning High PPC bid for a specific keyword and effective ad text results higher position Relies on search algorithms
e.g. proper site architecture, content relevancy, link popularity
Traffic / Visitor Clicks 10% Clicks
Properly managed PPC advertising provides immediate traffic results
80%-90% Clicks
80% to 90% of clicks occur on the left hand side, natural (non-paid) results
Long Term Results Short Term
Traffic disappears as you stop pay per click
Long Term
Constant SEO equals constant free traffic